domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

What to read??

Ok. It’s time for us to start with the so called “Extensive Reading”. That is, reading longer texts, texts beyond the normal daily classroom activities.
Some of you are probably experienced readers in both Spanish and English and some others may not be so keen on books. The point here is not that everybody has to read such or such book in order to be able to prove that they have understood its meaning, but to ENJOY reading a story and share that experience with, first, the rest of the class and then, with… who knows?
So, the process we will follow in our ‘Reading Project’ will be as follows:
  1. Choose a story that you find interesting to read (it can be a book, or a chapter of a book, a ‘short story’, a comic book, a magazine…). At this point you can:
    1. Choose one of the titles from the school library: most of them are ‘Graded Readers’ or texts adapted to the language learners and they may include ‘language activities’ but you don’t have to do them if you don’t want to.
    2. Ask Jade. She’s a keen reader and she’s got quite a few books in English. She can give you some advice and maybe she’ll lend you a title…
    3.  Consider reading an e-book. Either if you have a specific reading device (e-reader) or just a computer or a tablet PC, here are some places from where you can download:  
  1. Read your story using any tools and/or techniques which  guarantee a Basic understanding so you can take the most out of  your choice. If you read online or in an e-book, check that you access to a bilingual dictionary
  2.  Tell us your opinions, your feelings, etc. about your book and, if you think it is good enough, tell us something about it and recommend it to all your classmates. In doing so, you can make use of your PLE. Think of some creative ways of telling others about your book... Would you make a PREZZI presentation, or perhaps a GLOGSTER? You might just want to record some words on IVOOX or leave them in a WORDLE... or preapre a BOOK TRAILER,  or even take part in the KUENTALIBROS project??  (Find up to 40 more ideas HERE
  3. When all this is finished, just choose another title and start the process again…  
Take your time to choose an interesting title. It's better to spend une day searching here and there than spend a week complaining of a wrong election. Just in the meanwhile, you can read "Las Crías" ("The Babies"), a  multi-language story that I've shared with you via google drive. 
Hope you will enjoy!

Wordle: Cover for "Las Crías"

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