martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Can I help you?

Sure you can.
Think about everything you know or can do well, if you have a special ability or are specially good at something beyond the typical classroom activity.
If we put together what we all can do and teach our  classmates -or to the rest of the school- we'll check that there is a lot of 'capital to start with our Bank of Common Knowledge (BCK)
To start with, have a look at this video which tells us about this topic -we are not going to invent anything-  and then follow the teacher instructions about what to write on the  post-it notes provided

Here, as a classroom task, we will just make a small trial of what this topic could be if taken to a larger contest, but if you want a deeper knowledge of the topic, visit the web of PLATONIQ or follow them on twitter

And after a first brainstorming, we already have a starting point. Have a look at our shared document on G-Drive, check it out, find your appropriate partner -if you can- change your topic if you want... this is just a start...
OK. We already have a LIST OF TOPICS to work with, and a DOCUMENT with an outline of the procedure to prepare our talk. Now, it's time for research, drafts, rehearsals, trying with different programs...  
...  (Some 10 days later...)
Well, here we are again. We've been choosing our topics, discussing about the best options to show them (slideshow, video, podcast...) We've surfed the Internet for similar activities, and finally, we have written our drafts and shared them with the teacher on our G-Drive so he's been able to give us some advice... 
Now, "la hora de la verdad" has arrived and the final products are being uploaded to our blogs. Have a look at them and judge by yourself !! 
(nice and possitive comments are welcome, as usual! :-)

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