domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

It's Halloween, isn't it?

Ok, you win. Let's do some Halloween activities.  
You are not ESO kids anymore. So, no time for word search or coloring ghosts :-(
 We are serious resarchers and now it's a golden opportunity to prove it. During the next TWO lessons we are going to find out about different aspects of this festivity, and make presentations with the results as suggested in this 

Note: To present the final product, instead of a collage, we will do multimedia presentations which will be shown here. You can use the 'Impress' or 'Powerpoint' programs included in your computers or you can try with Prezi, Powtoon or any other online presentations. Find more about this  HERE 

Remember, the deadline is THURSDAY, 31 (well you can submit it on Friday too, but you'll have to come to school with it :-)) And don't forget to read carefully ALL the information at the EVALUATION tag to know what exactly we will grade in this activity.
Good luck!!