domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

This Town Rocks!!

Would you like to have a "Hard Rock Cafe" in your town??
Now, this possibility may depend on you and your business skills. We've just received a letter from the HRC's managers in Orlando (USA) stating their intention to open a new Cafe in the province of Granada. 
As you can see in the attached letter, they want us to prepare a multimedia presentation of our chosen location. 
In about three weeks' time (mid March), a board of HRC representatives will visit us to assess our presentations and choose the most appropriate offer. 
In order to organise this work in the context of the classroom, we will work in groups. Groups will be be formed according to the town they choose, but in case there are more than three students for the same town they will split in 3's and will do their work in different locations within that town. 
Later on, we will give you more info about the members roles and new tasks we'll have to do to achieve the final task.

We'll continue in EDMODO. See you there!!