domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

My name, my address, my PLE

That's it. Your Personal Learning Environment, together with your Personal Learning Network, will, from now on, hopefully be part of your identity as well as an efficient way of controlling the lot of learning possibilities that the Internet offers you.
During the next few days, we will start building up our own PLE/PLNs but, as we usually do with other topics, first, we'll try and put together what we already know about the topic. Then we will read and do some research about some of the basics of PLE and finally we'll work on a template to be able to make our present PLE which could -and should- be completed afterwards...
To begin with here are some links that you can surf in pairs in order to be able to tell the class what you consider that a PLE is. Some of the links are in Spanish, but never mind, I'm sure you will understand, 'cause I've seen you speaking Spanish in the breaktime :-)
So, first, have a look at this:
- The PLE Explained to 10 year olds by Lola Urbano
- PLE at School
- The Teacher's PLE

Do you still have one minute? Have a look at this:

Now, you can start making a first draft of your PLE. Look at the previous examples and ask for anything you don't understand. Then, you can download this TEMPLATE  and start filling it (don't worry if there are too many 'boxes'. This is a long-term task) or use an online mindmap builder like BUBBL.US to start braistorming about the whole topic.
As I said, this is a 'long term' task. About one month after writing the last para graph, I've discovered THIS WEB full of links to applications that can be used to create and visualise our PLE from different points of view. Choose your favorite and..
... Good luck!!  

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