miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Decorating the classroom

Before going on with more "serious" things, it's still time to keep working on the preparations for the course. All in all, we've been together for only a few days and I don't feel like starting with exams yet, do you?
I've thought that one thing we could do is to decorate our classroom, because we are going to spend quite a few weeks there and a pleasant environment is always a positive thing, isn't it?
Well, I've talked to the School Board and they have allowed me to print UP TO FIVE large A-3 full color posters to pin in our classroom walls. The condition is that they must be related to the work we do in the classroom and must have some kind of text in English (sorry, but Justin Bieber posters won't be financed :-((
I have already chosen one (it's a teacher's privilege...) so, there are FOUR left.
In order to do a fair selection, I have open a board on PINTEREST  called "Classroom Posters" where we will upload the posters we want to print, and then we -and some invited teachers-  will vote the best ones.
I will tell you different ways to upload the posters to the board, but in order to make all the process easier,  it can be a good idea if you become a user of PINTEREST by filling in a few registration details. Then, I'll tell you how to keep connected and share the pins and so on...
I know you know how to find images on the web, but just in case, let me suggest you a place to start with:
- Englishteach8 board
- You can try browsing Google images or flickr, or... using the words "inspiring posters" or "motivating posters for the classroom" or...
- And, of course, any personal, hand-made poster will always have the categorie of "Winner" and will be displayed in the classroom.
Good luck!

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