jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Welcome to my life

A  new school year has just begun  and on this occasion we start a new stage in our training too. Why not look back and revise those moments which in one way or another have made up our lives so far?
We have already been working in class and in our Edmodo platform with the language of past time expressions, have seen the essentials of timelines and have made our first drafts. Now it's time to share our productions and to show our followers what we have found out in this couple of weeks.
To make the final versions of our timelines I suggest you to use TimeRime but if you are more familiarised with any other tool and you want to use it, it's OK. The important thing is that you show us your work. 
Here is my timeline. 
I look forward to seeing yours.

Here you can find some links to the timelines of some of your classmates. We hope we can see them inserted  in their own blogs soon.
-Andrea M.
- María L.
- Carmen M.
- Nerea S.
- Marta E.
- Javier V.
- Antonio S.
- Emanuel C. 
- Paula A.
- Joaquín R.
- Christian B.
- Antonio M.
- Tamara F.
- Elvira J.
- Andrea H.
- Nayra R.

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